Karman vortex flow meter

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Karman vortex flow meter




● Easy plumbing with quick fasteners.
● To control manage flow rate in various cooling water system.
Simple structure and low price.


・RoHS compliance
・Can be combined with the indicator DAM.


Application Examples

To control manage flow rate in various cooling water system.

Chiller, temperature controller, mold, machine tool, industrial heating furnace,
vacuum heat treating furnace, high frequency wave temperequipment,
 bag making machine, laboratory high temperature furnace etc.


 Model  PSL-5L  PSL-30L
 Rated flow range  0.5-5.0 L/min   5.0-30.0 L/min
 Applied fluids  Industrial water or service water
 Detection method  karman vortex
 Fluid temperature  0-90?C(No freezing , no dewing)
 Ambient temperature  0-50?C(No freezing , no dewing
 Accuracy  Flow rate output ± 2% F.S. 
 Maximum working pressure  1.0 MPa 
 Withstanding pressure  1.5 MPa(at 20°C)
 Pressure loss (at the maximum flow rate)  46kPa  85kPa
 Responsivility  Sampling 1s
 Power supply  DC 24 V ± 10%
 Current consumption  Max. 30 mA (Current output Max. 50mA)

 Alarm output  *)

 Maximum load current  Max. DC 100 mA
 Maximum applied voltage  Max. DC 40 V
 Alarm setting (while ordering select only one output)  AorB output
 Analog output (while ordering select only one output)  Voltage output  0-10 V
 Current output  4-20 mA
 Display  Alarm: 2colors LED
 Certification, regulation  RoHS
 Wetted material  Body : PPS, FKM. Adapter : SUS304.
 Adapter size  Rc 3/8" Quick fitting
 Weight  155g 

 NOTE)Default setting of alarm output is 5L=2.5L/min、30L=15.0L/min.
          Please contact us for customizing the alarm output value.
*Flow rate display "DAM" is also available for PSL.
*The design,dimensions and specifications of the product in the catalog were correct at the date of publication and are subjected to change without notice.
*Feel free to contact us if you have any require about our products.

How to order

How to order:  PSL - 30L - A



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