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Impeller flow meter

FS series Fluorine resin body


  • Fluorine resinNo elution such as organic carbon and metal ion, fluorine resin body of high durability.
  • For weight, it is not too burdening to the piping.
  • It is compatible with various liquids, ideal for pure water piping, chemicals piping. 
  • Compatible models: FS-S / FS-AR / FS-N
Each specification, the same as the standard.
Differences in the material and structure, see the following "Material / structure". 

Contact us for CAD data and instructions.  
* Descriptions are based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Model    FS-3 FS-10 FS-30
Flow range    0.5-3 L/min 1.5-10 L/min 5-30 L/min
Fluid      Various liquids
Maximum working pressure      0.5 MPa
Flow temperature      0-90C° (No freezing, No dewing)
Ambient temperature      0-40C°  (No freezing, No dewing)
O-ring for sealing      Fluoro rubber
Wetted material      Fluorine resin, Ceramic
Adapter connection size      Rc1/2 or Rc3/8 or φ10×12mm  *1
Connection material      SUS/BsBM (Ni plating) / Fluorine resin
Mounting position      Free
Flow direction      Both direction
Weight     Aprrox. 380g
Construction     Water drip-proof against electronic circuit

Oder form
Model    FS-3S/10S/30S FS-3AR/10AR/30AR FS-3N/10N/30N

How to Order has a different model type.
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*1   In the case of φ10 × 12mm, material is fluorine resin.

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