Karman vortex flow meter

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Karman vortex flow meter



KSL-80L  KSL-160L As a sensor for monitoring the cooling water of equipment, acumulative total of 60,000 units have been delivered to leading semiconductor and LCD equipment manufactures in the world.
● Measures and displays the flow rate, temperature, and integrated values.
● Analog output
● Alarm output
● The digital display is turned depending on the installation status.
● Digital display
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 *Descriptions are based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
Model    KSL-80L KSL-160L
Flow range    10-80 L/min 20-160 L/min
Fluid      Industrial water or service water
Maximum working pressure      1.0 MPa
Flow temperature      0-60°C (No freezing)
Ambient temperature      0-40 °C (No freezing)
Temperature detection range    0-99°C
Power supply      DC 12V ± 5% or DC 24V ± 10%
Current consumption      30 mA max. (70mA max. in 4 to 20mA specification)
Cable      AWM20276 9 core / 0.2 mm? / 1000 mm
red   Power supply
  black   Ground
  white   Flow rate output
orange   Temperature output
yellow   Flow rate alarm
green   Temperature alarm
gray   COM (common alarm return)
blue   Integration reset
brown   Integration alarm
Output      DC0-10V or 4-20mA (flow rate , temperature) / pulse (integration)
Alarm      MOS FET ON or OFF (flow rate , temperature , integration)
Integration     0-999999L
O ring      Fluoro rubber
Material of vibrator      Resin (LCP)
Coupling piping      Rc1/2" or Rc1"
Adapter material   

  SUS304 or BsBM + Ni +plating

  FS ±2.0%
Flow direction      Specified direction
 Weight   380g 500g

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How to order:  KSL - 80L - 24V - V- A - B - A - COM

*1 When the output of the flow rate is set to "P" (pulse output), the temperature output is "V" or "I." 
 In temperature output, the pulse output cannot be selected. (The order format of the output is "PV" or "PI.") 
To improve the performance, the shape and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*2      Definition of alarm output  and display LED

The alarm output uses the common return for the flow rate, integration, and temperature. For the common return, "COM: floating status" or "G: Connected to GND" can be selected.
The alarm is conductive when the MOS-FET is ON and non-conductive when it is OFF.  The alarms for flow rate, for integration, and for temperature can be set independently.

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