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Impeller flow meter



This product has been renewed. (2018.1)
The successor product is "FS - SC".
FS - SC product information page from here

  • FS-CFlow meter for measuring the fluid flow rate and temperature
  • Alarm output and Analog output
  • LCD display
  • 3-color LED

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 *Descriptions are based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Model    FS-3C FS-10C FS-30C
Flow range    0.5-3 L/min 1.5-10 L/min 5-30 L/min
Fluid      Industrial water, water
Maximum working pressure      0.97 MPa
Flow temperature      0-60C° (No freezing , No dewing)
Ambient temperature      0-40C° (No freezing , No dewing)
Power supply      DC 24 V ±10%
Current consumption      Max. 40 mA
Cable      AWM20276, 9 core / 0.2 mm? / 500 mm
red   Power supply
black   Ground
white   Analog output (flow rate)
yellow   Alarm output (A output)
brown   Alarm output (B output)
green   Alarm output cable commonly used
Orange   Analog output (temperature)
Blue   Spare
Gray   Spare
Alarm output      Max.load current : Less than DC100A
  Max.applied voltage : Less than DC40V
  Output mode : A or B open collector output
Analog output      Voltage output : DC0-10V
Temp. Measure      Accuracy : ±1C°
  Temp. Range : 0-60C°
  Output mode : Voltage output (DC0-10V , over 3kΩ load)
  Display : 2-3 digits LCD with everi 1C° notch (-10-+100C°)
Display      LCD, LED
O ring      Chloroprene or fluoro rubber
Wetted material      POM, polyamide
Adapter size      Rc 3/8" or Rc 1/2"
Adapter material      Stainless steel or brass with nickel plating
Accuracy      FS ±2.5%
Flow direction      Free
Positioning      Free
Weight      Approx. 380 g
Protection      Weather resistant electronics
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